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Every company needs a set of internet “must haves”, consisting in an integrated image on the web and presence on all the major platforms.
We provide affordable professional websites and web-design in Staffordshire and UK  and full web services from design, implementati0n, hosting, security and SEO. At our web-design company based in Stafford we use the latest technologies and our team of brilliant web-designers will find the best solution for your company and for its web presence.

We are here to help you getting the best out of the world wide web!
From professional one page presentation websites to complex enterprise web-designs, from blogs to e-shops and from HTML5 to WordPress, Oxygen Media (Stafford based) is here to give you the best possible options.

Websites, social media, SEO and more

We take care of your online appearance ( the website, social media, maps ) in all the aspects that matter. 

These days, to be highly visible on the internet, you must have a strong foot print on all the web. 

We will professionally create or redesign your website, tailored to your needs ,up to date with the latest technologies and trends in web development. Our team of professional web designers is here to find the best solution for your web development project.

Here, at Oxygen Media, the web development agency based in Stafford, we offer full web services, besides of the website creation. 

We will take care of all the aspects involved in the web development process starting with the domain name acquisition, the visual design of the website and social media accounts, the actual coding , testing, hosting and e-mails, web security ( like SSL ) and last but not least, the Search Engine Optimisation 

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Why is it important to have a professional website with a good web-design?

The website is your company central image on the internet. Unlike traditional markets, where there is a limit of what you can control, the internet offers a variety of means for reaching larger and more targeted audiences than ever before. 

Having a professionally built website, with healthy coding and good SEO can make a big difference in the fierce competition of the on-line markets.

Our integrated web design solutions, orientated to small and medium business, will provide you with the best start on the web in Staffordshire and all over the UK.

  • Improves Business Credibility
  • Enhances The Online Presence
  • Builds a Strong Relationship with Your Market
  • Will reach more costumers
  • Combined with social media will present a unified image of the company online & offline
  • Opens your business to new markets

Why have professional social media accounts ?

The world of advertising and web development is in continuous change.

Since the internet boom, the techniques of making good and affordable advertising have evolved a lot and shifted a lot for the online. 
Social media, weather is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube or any other channel used for communication gives us a big opportunity for targeting our products or services  to a larger audience. 

To be able to take the maximum advantage of the big advertising platform which is social media you have to respect some of the “unwritten rules” for developers which include the choice of colours, backgrounds, image sizes and resolution, times for posts and many other little things that will make your social media  page the among the first.

Our team is expert in constructing congruent social media accounts, with focus on the promoted products and great designs, making sure that everything is coded correct and working properly. 

Let us manage your social media in a congruent image all over the internet

Social Media website and web-design

Domain name, hosting, e-mail & web security

Here, at Oxygen Media, we like to provide full web development services so, besides the website we will take care of the more technical problems, like the domain name acquisition, the hosting of the website, e-mail account creation and configuration and the security (SSL and account protection )

We provide all the services from our own servers so we can offer 100% uptime and 24h service.

Web services

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • E-mail accounts
  • SSL certificate
  • FTP solutions

Search Engine Optimisation

An important part in the web development process is the search engine optimisation, SEO. This is a process which will make sure your website will be visible on the main search engines, and it will reach a high visibility in regards to some pre defined keywords, important for your business.

To be visible on google and the other search engines you will need a good and affordable SEO


  • Main search engines integration
  • Website optimisation
  • Organic links
  • Back links
  • Posts
  • Paid adds

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